Property Management Answering Service

Property management firms must be able to provide their tenants with quick and accurate service at any time of the day.

Why Your Property Management Company Needs an Answering Service

Property management firms must be able to provide their tenants with quick and accurate service at any time of the day. However, answering calls and routing them to the right location can be quite difficult when your business has large apartment buildings that each contain many tenants. Routing these calls on your own also takes time that you could use to focus on the most important parts of your business.

Additionally, you must have human phone operators available after hours to serve your current and prospective tenants. Many maintenance emergencies happen after hours; maintenance emergencies that you do not address immediately could cost you thousands of dollars. Plus, failing to answer calls from prospective tenants during or after hours could make it harder for you to fill vacancies in your properties.

Fortunately, your busy property management office has options for handling all of these matters. Messages Plus’s property management answering service is designed to help your current and prospective tenants with anything from routine issues to maintenance emergencies at any time of day

Custom Call Routing Based on Your Protocols

When you manage several apartment complexes that each contain a multitude of residents, you and your staff can feel pulled in many directions trying to handle every tenant call.

At Messages Plus, we understand that every property manager has different protocols in place for maintenance requests as well as emergencies. We work closely with you to understand your procedures for every type of call; then, we can screen calls based on your emergency and non-emergency criteria so that calls you deem to be emergencies are handled promptly.

Messages Plus learns your business thoroughly so that our agents can assist your tenants with all non-emergency calls as well. Our programmers will work with you to develop custom call scripts that fit your business’s unique needs.

Additionally, we maintain communication with maintenance workers to monitor projects around your properties. You will always stay updated on the progress of projects on your properties, whether you’re in your office or not.

We Keep Vacancies to a Minimum

Keeping current tenants satisfied is vital to minimizing your vacancies. A large part of their satisfaction is the experience they have when interacting with your staff. Your tenants expect to speak to human operators that can promptly assist them, rather than an automated answering machine. Working with Messages Plus ensures that a live operator will promptly answer every time a tenant calls.

Being available to prospective tenants is just as crucial in minimizing vacancies. Every call you miss is a missed opportunity to fill a vacancy in one of your properties. By working with Messages Plus, you will never miss another call from a prospective tenant. Our professional operators can answer any questions prospective tenants have about your properties so that you can fill vacancies fast.

Available in Any Conditions

Losing contact with your tenants or your on-site staff for even a few minutes can cause costly problems. Whether there is inclement weather, a natural disaster, downed power lines, or any other issue, Messages Plus will not miss a call.

Our secure call centers have constant generator support so that we can serve your tenants in even the worst of circumstances.  Supplementing our generator support is our Uninterruptible Power System that protects from static and power surges. The combined protection from our generator support and Uninterruptible Power System ensures that nothing can affect our ability to answer your tenant calls.

We Can Handle Your Phones

Once you forward your phones to Messages Plus’s property management answering service, you will not have to worry about missing calls or handling emergencies. Our dedicated team of operators will follow your protocols exactly to make sure that every call reaches the correct destination. You will be able to take care of your most important matters first, whether that’s scheduling showings or taking care of maintenance emergencies.

Handling Your Tenant Calls 24/7

For everything from handling emergencies to scheduling a showing, our live, 100% US-based operators are available around the clock at our secure call center location to speak to current and prospective tenants. Language barriers will not be an issue: we have bilingual staff members available, with additional languages upon request.

By working with Messages Plus, you can expand your hours of service without increasing your payroll costs.