Medical Answering Service

As a medical practice, it is important that your patients receive personal attention at any time of the day when they call.

Why Your Practice Needs a Medical Answering Service

Medical offices can get very busy. Balancing patient needs with staff workload can be a challenge when there are many patients visiting the practice every day and only a limited number of staff members to take care of them.

  • Staff members often find themselves on the phones, helping patients that are calling the office; this can take away from helping patients that are physically present in the office, causing them to become dissatisfied.
  • If staff members fail to help patients that are calling, these calling patients may also become dissatisfied.
  • In addition to caring for in-office patients and answering phones, staff members have several other administrative tasks to complete while they are at work.
  • Medical practices must also have an after-hours system in place for patients that call with urgent matters after hours; patients want to speak to a live operator, not an automated answering tree.

If these concerns feel familiar to you, you will benefit from Messages Plus’s medical answering service. Our medical answering service can provide you and your staff more time to care for patients in the office while our trained, compassionate professionals handle your patient phone calls.


Compassionate Service for Your Patients 24/7

As a medical practice, it is important that your patients receive personal attention at any time of the day when they call. Messages Plus’s 100% US-based live agents are available to receive calls 24/7 at our secure call center location. When you work with Messages Plus, your patients will be able to speak to a caring professional whether they call during or after hours.

With our unparalleled accuracy, fast response times, and friendly customer service, you can dedicate more time to your patients in the office knowing that patients calling on the phone will be speaking with a live operator at any time of day. You will never again miss a call with Messages Plus.

Medical Answering Services for Any Kind of Medical Practice

At Messages Plus, we understand that each medical specialty has its own unique needs and that even within each specialty, no two practices are the same.

We work closely with you to understand your practice’s unique needs. Then, we develop customized, HIPAA-compliant phone scripts based on our findings so that we can provide your patients with the personalized phone service they have come to expect from your practice.

Language barriers will not be an issue either, as we have a staff that is bilingual in English and Spanish. We can also provide several additional languages upon request.

Whether you are part of a smaller independent practice or you are part of a larger medical network, handing off your phones to Messages Plus will help you to schedule more appointments during the day and provide your patients with live phone service after hours. 

Safe, Secure, and HIPAA Compliant

Privacy is of the utmost importance in healthcare, especially in the digital age. Messages Plus puts data security first: we use the most advanced data security policies possible to ensure your patient data is kept safe, secure, and compliant with HIPAA and PCI requirements.

We use a secure messaging system that employs the same level of HIPAA-compliant encryption used by doctors and hospitals to send and receive sensitive and confidential information. We access and store these messages in a secure web portal and mobile app, both of which are fully HIPAA-compliant.

We Can Handle Your Phones

Once you forward your calls to our medical answering service, your practice will never again miss a call. You will be able to schedule more appointments and provide excellent service after hours while giving your staff more time to assist patients that are in the office. With Messages Plus, you can rest assured that your patients are being well-taken care of by our trained professionals.

Are you interested in learning more about how Messages Plus can assist your practice?

We can’t wait to hear from you! Help us get to know your practice, inside and out. Once we have developed the ideal call center script, we’ll toss the baton to programming to complete your account set up and get you set up on our medical answering service platform.