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Messages Plus is a telephone answering service company that caters to clients nationally. We have been in business since 1922.


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Our management team has over 40 years of industry experience, ready to serve you.

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We offer services for all types of large corporations and small businesses.



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About Us

Starting in 1922 as an answering service for doctors, Messages Plus quickly expanded into a major call center serving national clients with a large team of employees, including IT and telco personnel with full support from our suppliers and internet experts.

How We Work

  • Our agents are capable of rotating among calls to serve clients and may be dedicated to specific clients as needed. Our lead programmers are included in the group for complex needs.
  • We recognize the necessity for accuracy and courtesy. With our complex call center equipment and services, we develop call-handling for specific clients as needed for their company’s specific needs.
  • Our Management Teams train each of our operators extensively prior to becoming live agents on the floor. We provide service 24/7/365 days a year. Our staffing schedule is strategically coordinated based on each of our clients’ needs along with projected forecasts and other variables such as news reports on foreseeable conditions and always maintaining a reserve of back up employees for unforeseen situations, as needed. Over our many years in business, we have developed hiring protocols and quality control to assure operators are professional, courteous, accurate and efficient. Our employees are well-experienced with our business structure and have a full understanding of all of our client’s individual needs.

24/7 Live Support

Around-the-clock telephone answering service means your business will never miss a call. Our virtual receptionists are always available!

Customized Programming

Our programmers will work with you to create a flawless in-call script. Your business is unique, and your answering service should be too.


Scalable Solutions

Large corporations or small business solutions, we have you covered. Messages Plus can handle any volume of telephone calls your business can generate.

Our Call Centers

We insist on skilled call processing. Several series of tests are provided to measure progress. Basic review for familiarization is enforced. Specific client needs are introduced as they come on the system. For more complex clients, operators are given additional training to ensure the necessary understandings of the specific account.

Our quality assurance personnel review operators on a daily basis. Operators are monitored closely and trained and retrained as needed. Chief Operators monitor actual activity by walking the floor and working the operations room. When additional review is needed, side-by-side recurrent training is followed with each operator.

This intense monitoring isolates low-scoring agents and allows training and retraining to assure understanding and to improve operator skills. This assistance continues until we have improved agent performance. With this positive reinforcement approach, we are able to minimize errors and quickly identify any problem issues to assure quality professional service for our clients.

We emphasize the necessity for accuracy and courtesy. With our complex call center equipment and services, we develop call-handling for specific clients as needed for their company’s specific needs. Because of our hands-on training and the professional staff we require, we are and will be able to customize a specific plan for you. The details will be completed in a series of conferences with you. There are numerous service options regarding how a call is answered; including voice mail, live interaction, call forwarding and connectivity services, among other factors.

Why Messages Plus?

Having a live telephone answering service agent handling your phone calls means better customer service and more sales. Messages Plus is dedicated to helping you build relationships with your customers through live interactions 24 hours a day. Each telephone call we handle builds trust, creates meaningful connections, and helps grow your business.

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